We all experience stress, from time to time – if we don’t get on top of it, it can consume us. If your stress builds up over time, or you have lasting feelings or do not know how to manage it, it can get out of hand.

This can lead to depression and other health problems. such as lack of sleep and anxiety.


Prolonged stress affects how you think, feel and behave. Everyone experiences stress differently, but common signs include problems sleeping, loss of appetite, headaches, muscle pain or tension and irritability.

Stress isn’t just caused by pressure at work, redundancy or a relationship breakup. Sometimes we can become stressed from happy events, like having a baby, or starting a new job. It’s not always possible to change a stressful situation.

It can be difficult to concentrate or think clearly, and even simple things can feel overwhelming.

Think you’re stressed?

If you think you’re becoming stressed, here are some of the symptoms you may have:

  • Emotionally overwhelmed
  • Irritable
  • Feelings of anxiety or panic attacks
  • Low confidence
  • Constant worrying
  • No concentration
  • Headaches or dizziness
  • Change in eating habit

Your behaviour can change in many ways, these are just a few of the examples. You can find out more by visiting the NHS’ official website.

Sometimes it helps just to talk about it, you may feel overwhelmed, scared or you just need someone to listen. Our sessions will help to reduce the feelings of anxiety, depression or fear, and equip you with the skills and strategies to overcome stress. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out more about how I can help.

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Success Stories

"I was amazed at Celia's ability to understand my stress and anxiety, she allowed me to feel completely at ease and with her skills she was able to relax me and take me to my very own place of calm. Since then, I have found it much easier to relax and cope with stress."


Kings Hill

"I contacted Celia because I was overweight and unhappy. I felt controlled by food and compulsive eating. What gave me confidence in Celia right from the start, was the time and attention she paid to properly understanding the underlying causes and patterns of my overeating. And its worked. As a result of my sessions with Celia I'm no longer controlled by food. I've lost weight without dieting, and as an added bonus I'm more relaxed in other areas of my life and work too. I now have a normal relationship with food for the first time in 25 years. I'm so glad I found Celia - a five star recommendation doesn't begin to cover it"



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